Class: Ninja
Age: 16
Weapon(s): Twin katana,
shuriken of different types

Ninja John is a member of the Sora Resenjo(Winding Sky) ninja clan. He is first seen in the comic traveling along side Jarrod with an unknown destination or reason. They head through a city on their way, and get mixed up in an invasion by an oposing clan called the Hebi Chi. They then fight to protect the town from the enemy forces.

Special abilities:
Kaze Giri(wind cut)-
John slices the very air, creating a razor sharp blade
of wind for a devastating long range attack.

Class: Fighter
Age: 16
Weapon(s): Great Sword

Jarrod first apears traveling with John. He seems to posses great strength and is heavily resistant to dammage. He is the brute force of the team.

Special Abilities:
Shock Wave-
Jarrod rakes his sword across the ground with his tremendous strength sending a shock wave towards his oponents

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