Danger Chair Studios, or DCS , is the name I put any kind of comic
project under.

Currently the only members are me, and my web designer, who is quite
modest and you wont be hearing much from. However, he is greatly
valued as a contributer to Danger Chair.

Ninja John is only the first of many titles that will fall under
the Danger Chair name. I currently have a few projects in mind
I can pick up if Ninja John ends(either by completion or cancelation).
So if you like this, keep an eye out for the danger chair name.

- Johnathon Rowley

Indeed you won't be hearing much from me - at least not in
any typical fashion. I prefer to remain hidden from view,
out of sight from the endless noobs who frequent such
sites as this, looking for unwary web designers to latch
onto. The perpetual clicking of "delete message" has
driven me to this, a life under an eternal shroud of
obscurity. It has become the only means to escape from the
masses, and to live without fear of the inbox.

Yet for those of you who strive to desecrate my e-mail
with your hails of adorment, outbursts of distaste, cries
for help, and/or proliferations of nudity, you may still
complete your goal. There will be more messages such as
this located throughout this website, from the obvious to
the abstract. Stay alert, for you may find a clue as to my
true identity. Only those deserving will be granted the

- Your Webmasterer

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